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City Of Union Kentucky

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Welcome to the WatchDog site for the City Of Union and Boone County Kentucky!

Find Out What's Happening In Your City And County

This page is intended as a good source for concerned citizens to find out what is going on in the City of Union and Boone County. It will  provide information on your local elected officials along with issues and problems the City of Union and Boone County is dealing with.  It will also provide a forum for discussion and opinions on issues within and related to the City of Union and Boone County.  All views and opinions are welcome, you do not have to be politically correct,  just be part of the solution.  Let your elected officials know where you stand and what you expect.  Let your voice be heard and counted.

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Union Town Plan       Last updated 1/19/2000

Kroger/McDonalds vs. City Of Union Lawsuit

Sycamore Drive Sanitation Sewer Project

Boone County Comprehensive Plan

Longbranch Development

City Of Florence Annexation Encroachment

Boone County Sewage-Treatment Plant

Hilltop Mine

Answers in Genesis     
Lasted updated 1/21/2000

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Citizen Alerts

Fiscal Court has changed the general meetings - which are the only meetings that we can input into to as the public - the only meetings that we can request the fiscal court address our concerns in a public format! they have been changed to Mondays at 8:30 am -- if you look at the Boone Cty
web site - they have changed them for the remainder of the year -- and Gary Moore has told people - he doesn't care if we object.  We need to call the newspapers - call the editors - of the KY Post - the KY Enquirer and the Recorder, request they do a story - so far not one newspaper has written a story - then have everyone call Gary Moore and our commissioners and voice their concerns ----From a Concerned Citizen (Posted 1/19/2000)


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